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Depending on the nature of the product and how it is stored, different techniques can be used to measure and verify volum
Our methods for monitoring and verification
Our team of professionals are highly qualified to perform under the following methods:

1. Manual:
Instruments used: Metrolaser, Inclinometer, Hygrometer.

Procedure for bulk-stored goods

This method consists of the decomposition of the stored bulk in different geometric figures for its subsequent measurement. The measurement of these figures, together with the measurement of the storage structure, will determine the estimated volume of the bulk. A specific/hectoliter weight is applied to the volume obtained to obtain the result in metric tons and/or the unit of measure corresponding to each product.

Examples of merchandise stored in bulk are grains, flours and oils.

Procedure for packaged goods

This method consists of the unit quantification of packaged goods stowed in positions or racks. The number of positions based on the width, height and depth of the pallet will determine the total number of units stored.

Examples of packaged goods: agrochemicals, big bags, sacks, cans, barrels,etc.

2. Sketchup

Sketchup is a face-based 3D design and modeling software. We use this system to represent the storage unit and the merchandise deposited in three-dimensional figures, in order to calculate its volume.

  • Go to the warehouse to view the modeling.
  • A large number of measurements are taken to use the Software.
  • The measurements obtained from the storage unit and the bulk are loaded into the Software.
  • The system draws the figure of the bulk and calculates the volume.
3. Drones

We use drones mainly for merchandise stored in stacks in outdoor environments, in order to obtain an adequate perspective and accurate information about it.

Through specialized software we obtain volume and photographic reports of the deposits in different perspectives.

  • Dji Mavic Pro drones.
  • 4k aerial footage.
  • Use of photogrammetry.
  • Generation of 3D map.
* The flights are carried out in person by trained staff to carry out safe flights and with the appropriate techniques.

4. Voltech

The Voltech is a technological device developed in-house capable of scanning large numbers of points and distances to represent a bulk figure in minutes, reducing time and possible handling or human errors of the information.

  • Go to the warehouse to perform the scan
  • The data is imported into the system.
  • The volume calculation is performed.
  • LIDAR technology: sensor that emits beams of infrared laser light that bounce off objects, to know in real time the precise position of a large number of points, and the distance between each point and the focus.
  • 300,000 reading points per second.
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