Global Network

We serve the needs of our customers wherever they are.
Control Union Chile is part of the international group Peterson Control Union.

Founded in 1920 as a family business dedicated to the inspection of grain traded and transported on the rivers and canals of the Netherlands, one of the greatest assets of the Peterson Control Union group is our global network of offices in more than 80 countries around the world and our own laboratories that allow us to provide professional solutions quickly and reliably.

With deep knowledge, strong values and sustainable services, our network has spread internationally to provide on-site solutions to help our clients meet local challenges.

To learn more about our group and the services we offer globally visit our global page

100 years and Royal recognition

In 2020, we were honored and privileged to be royally appointed by the Dutch monarch, King Willem-Alexander, to mark the celebration of 100 years of business.

The Royal Appointment is a distinction given to companies to symbolize respect, appreciation and trust towards the recipient. Not all companies are considered for the royal designation and it is not an award that is automatically granted to companies that reach 100 years of activity, therefore, we are very proud of this merit achieved by all.
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