About the service

CONTROL UNION's quality control services are designed and focused on the delivery of objective, reliable and timely information. Which include the inspection of products at origin and destination, generating specific reports for each product, based on the quality standards of CONTROL UNION, the destination markets and the client.
Our services include:
  • Inspection Service at Origin: It is a quality control service for fresh fruits and vegetables destined for export, it seeks to protect and comply with the operational processes that allow certifying the quality of the products at origin and comply with the standards of quality defined by the customer or the target market of the products.
  • Inspection service at destination: It is a comprehensive control and care service for fruit and vegetables upon arrival, where we are present in more than 80 locations around the world. Its objective is to protect the most critical points of export management, with inspections upon arrival, recovery of thermographs, among other activities. In addition, the timely service of CONTROL UNION allows claims to be detected and the operation of the insurance to be activated, accompanied by the relevant information as a supporting basis for the corresponding claim.
  • Inventory Control: CONTROL UNION develops a service that allows our clients to have relevant and real information on the stored product. Analyzing variables that allow making the best decisions for your commercial management, always ensuring the dispatch of the correct product to the corresponding client, minimizing rejections and the high costs associated with them.
  • Re-inspection: CONTROL UNION's re-inspection service allows its clients to know the quality and condition of fresh fruits or vegetables that have been stored for some time. The re-inspection process allows establishing the new quality ranges in which the products are found and generating a new source of information.
  • Re-packaging monitoring: We know how important it is for our clients to develop an efficient re-packaging service, for which CONTROL UNION has professionals with vast experience who allow us to advise, supervise, train and generate timely information on the processes. who get involved. Allowing to reduce unnecessary losses of products, besides optimizing the costs and quality of the processes.
  • Market Analysis: It is a service that CONTROL UNION has implemented, which allows us to provide our clients with information that supports their commercial management, based on the analysis and forecasts of market behavior. According to weekly shipping volumes, comparative analysis of sales prices, among other market variables.

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