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Control Union Certifications staff help our customers with the design of their custom program and the roll-out plan, including the staffing necessary for to meet their goals.
Due Diligence

Various governments have implemented regulations, forcing importers to apply a Due Diligence system (DDS). The DDS are studies and investigations that are carried out on companies or people prior to making a certain decision. They are generally voluntary processes. The length and complexity of supply chains make it impossible and inaccessible for importers and companies to ensure that every business in a supply chain has been verified. A DDS system helps importers and companies identify risks from, for example, forced labor (British Modern Slavery Act) and illegal logging (EU Timber Regulations).

Thanks to our knowledge and global network, we have supported and implemented numerous DDS systems, helping our partners identify risks and implement mitigation measures that will boost their businesses.

FSMA readiness

The FSMA "Food Safety Modernization Act" is a regulation developed by the FDA that seeks to transform the food safety system in the United States. The goal is to change the approach to foodborne illness from responding to preventing it. The key requirements in the FSMA are based on the development and implementation of a food safety system that includes hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls.

Depending on the process or link within the supply chain involved, the requirements may vary; Therefore, an adequate interpretation is always essential for compliance with the regulations.

Our professionals are prepared to train and accompany you in the key aspects for the implementation of the FSMA standard.

Training & Development

Certification standards and tailor-made programs are subject to continuous improvement as private companies, governments and other stakeholders constantly seek to implement best practices throughout the supply chain. These new requirements must be interpreted correctly to ensure a good implementation.

As seasoned professionals we are always on the lookout for updates, and we make it our business to keep our partners up-to-date and educated on the latest changes and the challenges involved in meeting the requirements of the standards.

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